Founded in Shenzhen, China in 2020, Glory (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. has established itself as one of the leading purveyors of automatic equipment expert in the world today. Our mission is to distribute the most advanced automatic equipments to the world.

We are currently committed to the R&D and production of automatic equipment in the field of electronic cigarettes, vape and CBD, such as automatic e-cigarette vending machine, automatic e-cigarette oiling machine, automatic e-cigarette labeling machine, automatic e-cigarette integrated assembly machine and automatic e-cigarette packing machine.

The company has a professional team to develop the non-standard customized machine for over sea companies and help them to achieve building the electronic cigarettes, vape and CBD production line easily in local.

At present, the machines and project solutions developed by Glory have been successfully launched in Europe, America, Middle East and Southeast Asia, and has established long-term strategic cooperation with big brands like Snow Plus, Elf bar, Aromaking, HQD.