An age-verified vending machine that restricts the purchase of tobacco by minors

A total of 1.25 billion adults globally smoke cigarettes, and in some regions, children aged 13-15 are using e-cigarettes at higher rates than adults in all regions, according to the latest estimates from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Tobacco Trends report released today. For example, among 16-19 years old in Canada, e-cigarette use doubles between 2017 and 2022, and in England (UK), the number of young people among e-cigarette users has tripled in the last three years. That’s why WHO has themed this year’s World No Tobacco Day on protecting children from the tobacco industry. The need for valid age verification in the sale of tobacco products is becoming increasingly important. This is where the innovative concept of age verification vending machines comes into play.


What is an age-verification vending machine?

An age verification vending machine is a new technology vending machine that incorporates automated age verification technology. This technology is achieved by integrating sophisticated age verification software and hardware components including ID scanners, facial recognition technology and Biometric Systems. It can accurately and efficiently verify a customer’s age before dispensing restricted products such as cigarettes, limiting purchases to minors.

Age-recognition vending machines are generally categorized into countertop, wall-mounted and vertical models, and customers can choose the right one based on product parameters and performance.

Product Name Self-service Vending Machine Age Recognition Self-service Vending Machine
Model GTRY-D13 GTRY-03
Series Age Recognition Series Age Recognition Series
Color Black,vertical Black, Wall Mount/Desktop
Screen 32″ LCD screen 32″ LCD screen
Appearance Size 805*295*1805 mm 600*270*1030 mm
Contour Material Thickened sheet metal Thickened sheet metal
Power Voltage 220 V 220 V
Weight 105 KG 60 KG
Number of Cargo Lanes 6 layers and 18 strips 5 layers and 10 strips
Maximum capacity 350 pcs 200 pcs
Payment Configuration card swipe machine, note dispenser, code scanning paymentcard swipe machine , note dispenser, code scanning payment
System Language Multi-country language Multi-country language
Products Electronic cigarettes, beverages, snacks, daily necessities, medicines, etc. Electronic cigarettes, beverages, snacks, daily necessities, medicines, etc.
Suitable Venue Hotels/KTV, hospitals, petrol stations, schools, cinemas, parks, office buildings, etc. Hotels/KTV, hospitals, petrol stations, schools, cinemas, parks, office buildings, etc.


What are the features of age recognition vending machine?


  •  Quick verification. Customers scan their face and ID this process less than a minute!
  • Age-restricted tobacco purchase devices improves compliance. It helps sellers enforce legal age restrictions and promote responsible sales behavior by using advanced age verification technology.
  •  Vending machines provide convenience and accessibility while ensuring compliance with age-restricted product regulations. They can be strategically deployed in a variety of locations such as convenience stores, entertainment venues and public spaces to provide adult consumers with a seamless and secure purchasing experience.


Applications for age-verified vending machines


Age-verified vending machines are suitable for selling age-restricted items such as VAPE, CBD, THS, E-LIQUID, e-cigarette cartridge, cigarettes, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, controlled devices, prescription drugs, some controlled substances, etc.; and for selling products with no age restrictions . These machines can be deployed in a variety of environments such as retail stores, airports, stations, public places, hotels and entertainment venues where the sale of age-restricted products is regulated.


Age-verified vending machines have a simple step-by-step purchase operation



The introduction of age-verified vending machines represents a significant advancement in the vending industry. By integrating cutting-edge age verification technology, it provides a responsible and efficient way to control access to age-restricted products. As the international community continues to prioritize initiatives aimed at preventing underage tobacco use and promoting responsible sales practices, the adoption of age-recognition vending machines will play a key role in achieving these goals.

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