Cap Coder is the UK’s leading manufacturer of capping, filling and labeling solutions for the vaping and vaping industry, delivering accurate, fast and hassle-free production lines. Based in Oxfordshire, UK, the company prides itself on delivering reliable and robust machines to meet the specific requirements of the vaping industry.

One of the biggest concerns customers have when purchasing new equipment is warranty coverage. Cap Coder understands this and ensures customer satisfaction by backing all of its machines with a 12-month parts and service warranty. This warranty gives customers peace of mind knowing they are immune to any manufacturing defects or malfunctions during their initial use.

Cap Coder’s commitment to quality is reflected in its strict production standards. They design and manufacture all their machines in-house at their Oxfordshire base. This hands-on approach allows them to closely monitor the manufacturing process and ensure that each machine meets strict quality standards before leaving the factory.

However, in the rare event that a customer encounters an issue with their Cap Coder machine after the warranty period, they can rest assured that they have ongoing support. Cap Coder has a dedicated team of highly trained professionals who are available to help and resolve any issues that may arise. Customers simply call the Cap Coder hotline and speak with a knowledgeable representative who will guide them through the troubleshooting process and provide solutions to correct the problem.

Cap Coder understands the importance of minimizing customer downtime. To further enhance their support services, they maintain a comprehensive spare parts inventory for all machines. This enables them to send replacement parts quickly, ensuring minimal disruption to customers’ production lines.

In addition to its dedication to customer service, Cap Coder also values ​​innovation. They are constantly striving to improve their machines and stay ahead in a growing industry. Their professional R&D team works tirelessly to develop new features and technologies to improve the efficiency and functionality of the machines. This commitment to innovation ensures that Cap Coder’s customers benefit from the latest advancements in capping, filling and labeling solutions.

Overall, Cap Coder’s machinery provides a reliable and robust solution to the production needs of the UK electronic cigarette and vaping industry. With a 12-month warranty, dedicated customer support, in-house manufacturing, and continuous innovation, Cap Coder sets the industry standard of excellence. Whether capping, filling or labeling, Cap Coder provides accurate, fast and easy solutions to meet the unique requirements of the vaping industry.